Welcome to the Short Hill Historical Society!

The Short Hill Historical Society, an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and preserving the history and historic landmarks of the Short Hill region of western Loudoun County and providing experiences that engage people of all ages in learning about and protecting the history of the area. Annual dues and donations help support these efforts.

This non-profit saved the Old Stone School in Hillsboro from being demolished and kept its doors open for 40 years through dues, donations, rental fees, and fundraising efforts all led by volunteers.

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Update about Christmas in Hillsboro Homes Tour & Greens Workshop

The Christmas in Hillsboro Historic Homes Tour, hosted by the Short Hill Historical Society, won’t be held this year for a variety of logistical reasons. We are considering other options for this event. We will also wait to hold the Greens Workshop until the next homes tour.

History Talks, Trips, and Treasures in 2019

We hope you enjoyed the different speakers and topics we featured during History Talks, Trips, and Treasures this year! See a recap of the events.

Annual Membership and Donation Drive Underway!

Support the Short Hill Historical Society by becoming a member and making a donation! Annual dues to become a member of the Short Hill Historical Society are $20. Your dues and donations help support efforts like the History Talks, Trips, and Treasures series and other efforts underway to help protect and preserve the history of our area–and they are tax-deductible!

Short Hill Historical Society Kicked off 3rd Season of History Talks, Trips, and Treasures with Annual Membership Drive Sunday, April 7

The Short Hill Historical Society kicked off of the 2019 History Talks, Trips, and Treasures series, and the start of our new year on Sunday, April 7, with a talk about conservation easements featuring Ben Lenhart, a board member of Save Rural Loudoun, attorney, and a local resident with a farm property that is in easement. He was joined by Steve Price of and Trust of Virginia. See photos.