How We Got Started

The Short Hill Historical Society was formed in 1976 as the Hillsboro Community Association. This non-profit saved the Old Stone School in Hillsboro from being demolished and kept its doors open for 40 years through dues, donations, rental fees, and fundraising efforts led by volunteers.  This 501(c)3 organization was formed by alumni and area residents when they learned that the historic building was slated for destruction, and has continued to operate with volunteers.

In 2010, we began to refer to our donors and members as “Friends of the Old Stone School” because of our focus on the historic building, and for a short time, our non-profit was called “Friends of the Old Stone School.” While we were making the transition between the two names, we referred to our organization with both names: “Hillsboro Community Association and Friends of the Old Stone School.” However, Hillsboro Community Association was confusing (many people thought we were a homeowners association, which we are not) and “Friends of the Old Stone School” did not accurately reflect our broader mission. Therefore, as we entered our 41st year in 2017, the members of our board changed our name to the Short Hill Historical Society – a name that is more fitting to our focus on historic preservation and restoration in our area.

Our Mission

When our non-profit was formed in 1976, the charter was to preserve and restore historic landmarks in the Hillsboro area, such as the Old Stone School. Though our name has changed, our mission remains the same!

Where We Are Headed

After 40 years of focusing on the Old Stone School, the board members of the non-profit organization decided that it is time to begin preservation and restoration efforts on other landmarks in the region. The charter will remain the same but our organization has a new name: the Short Hill Historical Society. Read about the projects we have underway! Also, see a gallery of photos from events and projects our non-profit managed in the past several years.

Support Our Efforts

Become a member of the Short Hill Historical Society for just $15 a year! Donations are also welcome. Both dues and donations are tax-deductible. You can also volunteer for events, fundraisers, to conduct research, help write grants, work on outreach, and more!

Board Members and Officers

Each year, officers and board members are elected in by the members of the Short Hill Historical Society. The current officers and board are:


  • Mark Ware, President
  • Amie Ware, Vice President
  • Sandy Simmers, Treasurer
  • Sarah Fields, Secretary

Board members:

  • Carrie Crossfield
  • Claire Cutshall
  • Jan Goodrich
  • Dwight Green
  • Mary Green
  • Judy Klinedinst
  • Belle Ware

Officers and board members voted in by members: Belle Ware, Amie Ware, Sandy Simmers, Sarah Fields, Jan Goodrich, Carrie Crossfield, Mary Green, Dwight Green, and Claire Cutshall. Not pictured are Mark Ware and Judy Klinedinst.

What about the Old Stone School?

Responsibilities our non-profit had in managing the Old Stone School, hosting events there including the annual Independence Day Celebration, and renting out the building will now be handled by the Town of Hillsboro, which has owned the building since 2006. With the transfer of responsibility, the Short Hill Historical Society donated almost $20,000 to the Town of Hillsboro for the Old Stone School, and at least $15,000 in assets. For information about the Old Stone School and current efforts and activities, please contact the Town of Hillsboro.