The Short Hill Historical Society has initiated a variety of new projects, described below. If you are interested in helping with these or have suggestions for other projects, please email us at

Wright Brothers’ Mother’s Sign

The Short Hill Historical Society has started work to restore the Wright Brothers’ Mother’s sign located at the corner of Gaver Mill Road and Charles Town Pike. The sign was erected in 1929.  This will be a two-phase project with the sign restoration completed first, followed by the restoration of the foundation and protective iron railings.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Stribling Family, costs for Phase One have been covered, and we have a start on the funds needed for Phase Two. When asked about the donation, Mr. Stribling said:

We are proud to support the actions of the Short Hill Historical Society.  The work they have done over the years, including saving the Old Stone School, has been amazing. 

We love having folks stop on the side of the road, take pictures of the historical marker, and ask questions.  It’s fun to share a little bit of our area’s history with interested strangers. The sign has slowly gone into disrepair and we did not know where to go to get it repaired.  Thanks to the Short Hill Historical Society we will once again have a sign that can be read as you drive through Hillsboro.

We will soon be taking the heavy sign down to be restored. Watch our progress and watch for updates and ways you can support this effort!

Inventory of Historic Homes, Stories, and Places of the Short Hill

We have kicked off a multi-year effort to gather the information, facts, stories, and photographs of historic homes, landmarks, and people in the region as a way to preserve history. We are asking everyone in the region for their help in sharing historic information they have. One of wonderful recommendations we received at the 2017 Swing into Spring event is to establish a web page that anyone can update with information and photos. This will make it much easier for people to share the information they have, and make the information available for anyone to access. Watch for information about that and how you can upload your documents, photos, and stories!

Historic Walking and Driving Tours

With all the information we have gathered through the years for the Christmas in Hillsboro Historic Homes Tours, we have a wealth of information that we plan to use to create walking tours and driving tours of the area. Volunteers are conducting research to complete the information we have about the Town of Hillsboro, and we hope to enlist the help of students, scouts, and history buffs to expand this effort throughout the Short Hill region. If you are interested in helping, email us at

Updating Memories of a Mill Town

A wonderful booklet already exists with information about homes in the Town of Hillsboro called Memories of a Mill Town. One of our goals is to update this book and supplement it with additional information and update the design of the booklet. If you are interested in helping, email us at